Kate Middleton Hugs Crying Mom After Son's Emotional Speech

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When at an event for the children's mental health charity Place2Be, Kate Middleton met a 13-year-old named Ethan who opened up about his challenges with autism and Asperger syndrome. Ethan's mom, Ceri Knapton, began crying and that's when Kate displayed a beautiful act of kindness and empathy and gave her a hug. 


At the event, Ethan spoke to Kate and said how having an autism and Asperger's diagnosis helped him to cope and he said he wanted to speak out about it. "There is no point in sitting back. I'd rather stand up and make a difference," he said. Now that's powerful. He's clearly an incredible person as well. And his mom is very proud of him for wanting to help others and continuing to live his life to the fullest. We can only imagine how amazing it must have been for Knapton to hear her son speak those words.

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There also has never been any doubt to the sincerity of the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate seems to have a gift, an ability to tune into people, and she makes every attempt to heal in any way she can. This incredible gesture of hugging this mom feeling all the emotions after seeing her son speak about his struggles is just one of the beautiful things about Kate.

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Knapton told the MailOnline that as she was crying after hearing her son speak on this important topic, "The Duchess just leant over and said to me 'I've got to give you a hug as a mum.' I couldn't believe it, it was such a kind gesture." So very kind, indeed.

We know the emotions tied to that hug were rooted in motherhood, but also as a human of this world, a human with an incredible heart. We love that Kate isn't afraid to be a Princess for the people, for everyone, and her gestures of kindness are certainly something to be admired, and inspire us. We are also inspired by Ethan, who truly has an ability to make a difference in many children's lives. This is what being thankful is all about.


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