Kate Middleton Gushes Over Prince George's Latest Obsession

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Prince George is officially like us. Well, not us technically, but like every 3-year-old boy we know. At a tea party on Tuesday, Kate Middleton revealed that Prince George loves dinosaurs and volcanoes -- especially Tyrannosaurus rex, because he's the alpha 'saur.


The Mirror reports that the duchess attended a tea party with children from Oakington Manor Primary School in Wembley at the Natural History Museum. The party was in honor of Dippy the Diplodocus, a 72-foot dinosaur skeleton which will be moving from the museum (where it's been since 1905) to travel the country for two years. During the party, Kate did a few dino-inspired crafts with the kids and even dug up a few mini fossils. She asked the children which dinosaur they liked best, revealing that her son likes T. rex because he's the "biggest and the loudest." She also revealed that, currently, George is a big fan of volcanoes. 

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During the event, Kate also asked the kids if they knew the story of Curious George and how he climbed up on the diplodocus. Toward the end, Sir Michael Dixon, the museum's director, told reporters that the duchess had paid private visits to the museum with the children and said that "George would have loved to come today."

From the looks of things, Kate and the children had a lovely time, and the duchess was very much in her element. Hopefully, George will get to pay one more visit to the museum to bid farewell to Dippy. That, or let's hope he gets a volcano set for Christmas. 

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