Kanye West's Hospitalization Gets an Unexpected Reaction From Fans

Kanye closing performance
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It's been a crazy two months for the Kardashian-West family, from Kim's Paris robbery to Kanye's random rants. And although the rants have pretty much become second nature to us, this time seems to be a bit different. As you've probably heard, Kanye West has been hospitalized, and now the hashtag #PrayforKanye has popped up among Twitter users.


This comes just days after the #Kanyeisoverparty, which began after he got vocal at a concert about how he would've voted for Trump. Then he talked about peers Beyonce and Jay Z at another concert, and then proceeded to end the show early (30 minutes in) after beginning late. Oh, and how could we forget? He also canceled his last 21 stops for the Saint Pablo tour.

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Yes, he's been disappointing fans quite a bit lately. However, not many of us stopped to consider that this thing might be bigger than his ego -- it might be his mental health. 

Us Weekly says he was restrained and transported to the UCLA Medical Center for evaluation after behaving "erratically" at his trainer Harley Pasternak's home.

Unfortunately, it took this series of events for us to see through his persona and take a deeper look. And we're happy that #PrayforKanye has been met with mostly kindness since the news broke.

Many have pardoned his "controversial" behavior at this moment and understandably so.

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Others proved just how much of an idol he has been to them throughout the years, despite all of his ... moments.

More fans came out in supprt of the Kanye, with nothing but love and prayers. 

There were some who decided to take the more original approach with their prayers.

Then there were those who asked that you acknowledge the possibility of mental illness.

Others pointed out what some have previously noted: that Kanye's behavior became erratic after the death of his mother -- whom he loved dearly. 

Some pegged his wellness to rapper Kid Cudi, who recently admitted he was seeking help for depression -- citing that if he could get through this, then so can Kanye.

And finally, there was this moment of honesty.

While there was some negativity, for the most part, fans and non-fans alike came together to shed light on Kanye in a time of darkness. Since we're still unsure of what might be going on with him, it's important for everyone to keep the #PrayersforKanye coming -- along with anyone else who may be silently suffering. 

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