Kanye West Rushed to the Hospital After Canceling the Rest of His Tour

kanye west
Lucas Jackson/Reuters/Splash News

Not long after Kanye West went on a number of bizarre rants at two of his Saint Pablo shows, the rapper has been hospitalized. On Monday, on the heels of canceling the remainder of his tour, Kanye was handcuffed and taken to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. Kanye was at his trainer Harley Pasternak's home when someone called the police on him. 


Law enforcement sources told TMZ that cops responded to a call for a welfare check on Kanye at around 1:20 p.m. When they got there, Kanye was "acting erratically" and the police then called the LA Fire Department. After the paramedics arrived, the father of two was "calmer," but he still had no interest in going to the hospital. Apparently, Kanye's management and authorities were eventually able to convince him to go to the hospital. On his way there, Kanye was handcuffed to a gurney, which is standard practice. 

More from CafeMom:

So far, details are scant on how he's doing, but Kris Jenner said that her son-in-law was "exhausted" and "just really tired." Evidently, when Kanye was at his trainer's home, he was being checked out by his doctor for exhaustion and severe sleep deprivation. 

It isn't uncommon for Kanye to fly off the handle and go on bizarre rants during his shows, but things got weird this past week. First, Kanye told fans that he would have voted for Donald Trump, and then he went off on (former?) friends Jay Z and Beyonce, the latter of whom he claims would only perform at the VMAs if she won Video of the Year. 

Hopefully, Kanye will get the help that he needs and lie low for a while, because his behavior in the past week was strange, even for Kanye. 

And hopefully his fans and friends can find it in their hearts to forgive him -- because clearly this is more than just "Kanye being Kanye."

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