Naya Rivera's Split From Ryan Dorsey Isn't Shocking -- but It's Heartbreaking

Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey
@ParisaMichelle/Splash News

With 2016 coming to an end, we thought we might be able to make it to the end of the year without anymore heartbreaking news of celebrity divorces -- but things have not worked out that way. Sadly, Naya Rivera filed from divorce from her husband of two years, Ryan Dorsey, on November 15, citing irreconcilable differences. 


The couple told Us Weekly in a statement that although they have made the decision to end their marriage, their top priority is and will continue to be their "beautiful son," whom they "will continue to be great co-parenting partners for." 

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According to Us, Naya has requested to have a "primary physical custody" of 14-month-old Josey, with visitation in place for Ryan. And I can only hope that things will be smooth sailing as far as the child is concerned.

As far as the marriage goes -- it's hard for me to say I'm surprised by this ending. Unfortunately, there's the fact that the two dated and ended things back in 2010, so there have been issues before. But she jumped back into things with Dorsey right after her engagement to rapper Big Sean ended. In fact, she even married Dorsey in July 2014 -- the date originally meant for her and Sean to wed. 

And we probably all hoped that Naya and Ryan had grown as people and had come back together to make it work. But rushing from one situation to another raised eyebrows -- so much so that sources close to Naya pointed out to Us at the time that "Naya didn't tell most of her friends that she was marrying Ryan Dorsey, let alone that she was dating him!" 

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And as happy as I was for her when things seemed to be working out, I, too, raised an eyebrow when the news was initially announced. Not in a judgmental way, but more so out of concern -- or as much concern as I can have for someone whom I only know through headlines and a role on Glee.

We wanted to believe that this could work out, as she seemed to want to love so badly. We wanted Rivera to be happy after her abrupt breakup with Big Sean. And so the fact that this is happening breaks our hearts -- big-time. Hopefully, upon the divorce, she will take the necessary time for herself and truly heal before jumping back into love.
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