Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Romance May Have Began Under Suspicious Circumstances

Peter Nicholls/Reuters/Splash News

All's fair in love and war? Prince Harry has been branded a homewrecker, for allegedly "stealing" girlfriend Meghan Markle away from her live-in boyfriend.


The pair have reportedly been dating on the DL for a couple of months, but the timing of her most recent relationship has come under scrutiny by those with apparently nothing better to do.

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The Suits star was dating celebrity chef Cory Vitiello, and they were living together just this past spring. However, it didn't take long for things to be completely kaput once Meghan and Harry met in May in Toronto. An insider dished to Radar Online, "He became obsessed with her. He bombarded her with texts, begging her to go out with him -- even though she was living with Cory."

The source continued, "Finally she gave in -- and they've been secretly dating ever since, criss-crossing the Atlantic for steamy trysts."

But did the two romances really overlap? Vitiello announced in July that he and Markle had broken up a few weeks prior, yet another source said they parted ways just weeks after he commented in March about how proud he was of her for being named a Global Ambassador for the children's charity, World Vision.

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Despite Harry maybe having stolen Meghan away from Vitiello, he's apparently not just after the chase. Royal insiders have claimed that he is ready to move full-steam ahead with his lady love, and wants her to move from her native Canada into Kensington Place with him.

A palace source revealed, "Harry's made no secret of wanting to marry and have kids and he believes Meghan's 'The One.' They have amazing chemistry and both are passionate humanitarians."

Honestly, it just sounds like people are trying to create gossip where these is none. Besides, without a ring and a date, we're calling it fair game.

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