Blac Chyna's Ridiculously Flat Post-Baby Belly Sparks Surgery Rumors

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That's some wizardry-type stuff. It's only been nine days since Blac Chyna gave birth to her second child, Dream Renee Kardashian, but she already looks like she's ready for bikini season. Chyna showed off her insanely flat stomach on Instagram on Saturday, and understandably, fans are scratching their heads, wondering how the heck she snapped back so fast. 


Chyna shared a little video of her abs, bragging --rightfully so -- that she was only nine days post-partum with her second. She also urged fans to follow her on Snapchat. 

�� 9 days Postpartum with my 2nd child ( follow my snap BlacChynaLA)

A video posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

Unbelievable, right? It looks like she never had a child!

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After seeing the photo, fans starting asking -- and speculating -- about whether or not Chyna had surgery. The mom of two quickly set the record straight in a series of Snapchat posts a short while later, saying that nursing is what's helped her lose weight, not a knife. "So I posted a picture of my belly yesterday and the only reason it got that flat, you guys, is from breastfeeding and breast pumping and from my body already being small before my pregnancy," Chyna said in a video where she was pumping breastmilk. In another post, she simply posted a selfie with a caption that read, "Not surgery guys."

blac chyna
Blac Chyna/Snapchat

Whatever Chyna's doing, she should keep it up, as she looks like she feels great. That said though, let's hope she doesn't feel any pressure to snap back into shape too quickly. After all, the most important thing she should be doing right now is cuddling her sweet babe. 

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