Kristen Wiig Rocks a Brand-New Blonde Pixie Cut -- It's So Short!

Kristen Wiig
ParisaMichelle/Splash News
Life isn't fair, you guys. Some of us will never look great as blondes, no matter how hard we try. Others of us just gotta keep a little length around our faces -- because we end up looking like sixth-grade boys without it. However, actress and comedian Kristen Wiig -- apparently she can rock a super-short, blonde 'do like nobody's business.


Check out Kristen's super chic new haircut:

Kristen Wiig pixie cut

The cut! The style! Her cheekbones. And is it just me or do you see an extra twinkle in her eye from the perfectly executed blonde highlights around her face? Not fair! Not only can she probably shower and go now, but she also looks flawless. 

And of course, it looks so good that now we're all going to have to try to pull this off too. Godspeed, ladies.

Check out the fun Mannequin Challenge promo for SNL this weekend. Kristen Wiig is hosting. 

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