Fans Are More Concerned Than Ever About Jana Duggar


Is Cinderella Duggar being kept from a husband of her very own? Fans have been expressing even more concern than usual over Jana Duggar's marital status recently, and seem to think that Jim Bob and Michelle are keeping her from venturing out on her own.


Now with three little sisters married off, and a fourth courting (Joy-Anna just announced her relationship with Austin Forsyth), fans are seriously wondering why Jana hasn't walked down the aisle herself yet.

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Jana, who is Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's eldest daughter, will be 27 in January, but as far as we know, she's never even had a romantic interest in a man. She's said on past episodes of Counting On that she just hasn't found the right one, and family members confirmed that there has been interest, but what's really going on?

After the season 3 promo for the show focused mostly on Joy-Anna and Austin, fans questioned why Jana is still stuck at home helping raise her younger siblings. One person wrote, "Come on, Jana. Get out and meet someone. Let your mom raise her kids. It is your turn."

Another commented, "I just don't think her parents will ever allow her to court anyone until the little ones are more independent. She is their primary caregiver. Michele isn't going to let that go."

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Jana has frequently been dubbed "Cinderella Duggar" by critics of the show, who worry that she's being pressured to live as a stay-at-home-daughter. In the Duggars' patriarchal religion, women are generally considered property of their fathers until they're married off, which is why a lot of fans wish she'd get out there and have her own life outside of helping homeschool her younger siblings and do chores.

It's impossible to know how Jana really feels about remaining home as she nears 30, but we just hope she's happy.

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