Derick Dillard Acted 'Inappropriately' at Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo's Wedding


Way to steal her sunshine, dude! Derick Dillard is getting called out by fans for his behavior at Jinger Duggar's wedding, and we can't exactly disagree. Jill Duggar's husband stole his own kiss near the altar in front of all the guests, and we know how special Duggar kisses at the altar are.


Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo tied the knot earlier this month, and their wedding was aired this week on the season finale of Counting On. As intrepid Duggar fans are aware, Jinge and Jer saved their very first kiss for the altar, per her family tradition.

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You'd think she'd like to enjoy her moment, right? Well Derick was either oblivious to to the sanctity of Duggar wedding kisses, or just didn't care, because he inserted himself into the wedding party in front of everyone, and planted one on his wife Jill.

Jill was waiting to be escorted by one of Jeremy's groomsmen after the vowed had been exchanged, and Derick jumped up, dipped his wife, and kissed her before escorting her down the aisle himself. The poor groomsman who was supposed to walk with Jill trailed on awkwardly behind Israel's parents.

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Fans were having none of it, and they took to the show's Facebook page to speak their minds. One person wrote, "I just watched it and that was super rude of him!!! Then laid her back for a kiss right in the middle of somebody else's wedding!" Another commented, "RUDE!" Someone added, "He had his wedding day and tried to steal something from Jinger and Jeremy. It made him look needy and very insecure. Very childish."

The whole thing was pretty bizarre, and we know he and Jill may not be getting as much attention as they're used to, what with Jessa's second pregnancy, Jinger's wedding, and now Joy-Anna's courtship ... but that doesn't mean they needed to steal it at someone else's wedding. That's tacky, Derick.

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