Kylie Jenner Gets Body Shamed by Tyga After Giving Him a Thoughtful Birthday Gift

Tyga and Kylie Jenner at a party
SPW / Splash News

Whether your last name is Jenner or not, the need for a bad boy phase in your life is nearly inevitable. And we're guessing that's what Tyga currently is for Kylie Jenner, or so we hope. So with that said, it comes as no surprise that when Kylie made sexy cupcakes for Tyga's birthday, he took that as opportunity to comment on her appearance. Ultimately, he body shamed her.


In this snap, you hear him saying, "Gotta make it more real, gotta flatten it a little bit," while running his finger through the frosting to "flatten" the butt laced with a red thong displayed on this mini cupcake. Ugh, no sir! If that ass is bothering you that much, you can find yourself another one.

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And while the evil genius in us would like to believe that this was her irony-filled way of taking a dig at him -- an a**hole for an a**hole sort of thing -- the other super adorable cupcake designs, including pictures of the two and Tyga's son, in addition to her whiny protest in the background, assures us that it's not that.


And if it were anyone else, we might be able to acknowledge this as a loving poke, but it's so painfully obvious that this guy is the ultimate d-bag. Seriously, we just wish that Kylie could see what we all do.

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Sadly, this was only the first of many cute gestures surely to come from Kylie's arsenal of well-thought-out birthday gifts for Tyga, as we've seen in the past. Not to mention, his actual birthday isn't until the 19th of November. This probably won't be the last gift we see in the days to come.

Meanwhile, we'll just wait patiently for the day where Kylie realizes she ought to spend her money and time on someone who deserves it -- someone who won't file for bankruptcy and be seen throwing cash away on extravagant birthday gifts. She's bound to see the light at some point, right?

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