Kim Kardashian 'Butt Reduction' Rumors Are Running Rampant

kim kardashian
Jackson Lee/Splash News

Hold up, is it opposite day? After years of being at the center of butt implant rumors, a new report claims that Kim Kardashian has had butt reduction surgery. Is this some sort of cruel joke? 'Cause it's not funny.  


A source told Media Takeout, "Kim used her time away from the media to undergo a controversial booty reduction surgery." Um, okay. But then Kris Jenner shared a snap of Kim from Halloween this year, and there's no denying it: Kim, who was dressed as Princess Jasmine (again), has a significantly smaller derriere than she has in years past -- and it got people talking.

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It's a fact. Kim's butt is smaller than, say, here:


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

But Kim is also smaller all over. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has shed over 70 pounds since giving birth to Saint. Of course some of that weight is going to come off her bum, as well. 

While it's not hard to believe that Kim has gone under the knife a few times to reduce or enhance various body parts, this is one rumor that's a little hard to buy. It isn't like she lost weight in her backside only. 

Also, using her time out of the spotlight -- i.e., her time to recover from almost being killed -- to get surgery? Come on, people. That's reaching. 

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