Kim Kardashian's Return to Instagram Isn't What We Expected

Kim Kardashian before the Paris Robbery

It's been over a month since the Parisian robbery took place and still, there has been no word from our favorite Kardashian. Well, kind of. Kim Kardashian did make a brief comeback on Instagram -- we guess any little bit is good, right?


Although, if you're running to Instagram to see if the socialite has posted on her account, don't hold your breath -- she hasn't. However, she did log on to do a little maintenance in the same way that she did for Twitter (where she slightly reduced the number of accounts she follows), except this time she followed some of her famous friends, according to Entertainment Tonight. 

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Those new follows included Paris Hilton (we thought they'd already be following each other), Sofia Richie, and Ariana Grande -- bringing her following count to 104 people. 

And it was reported that she posted on Facebook for Halloween, but quickly deleted any evidence that she was there. These days, it sadly seems that the only way you'll get your fix of Kim is by paying for her app, because that has been the only place we've been able to get updates from her. And even with the app, it's been her assistant and her brother Rob Kardashian keeping fans informed there.

Anyone who has a phone is aware that this is far from normal for her typical lifestyle. One source reported to ET that Kim is still trying to figure out "how to break her silence" after the robbery. They added that she will most likely address it via publications such as Harper's Bizarre, Vogue, or Vanity Fair.

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Honestly, we're curious to know too, and we also can't help but wonder what this means as far her connection with her fans goes. Social media was her thing, and at this point, even if she returns, we have a feeling that it won't be in the same "TMI" way that we've grown to know and secretly love. 

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