Meghan Markle Is Willing to Completely Change Her Life for Prince Harry

prince harry
Retropix/Splash News
One of the concerns over the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is that both 30-something-year-olds are set in their lives and they live in different countries. Prince Harry, while most likely willing, isn't exactly able to totally uproot himself and live the life of an actor. Suits star Meghan, however, seems willing to do a lot for the prince and that means some major lifestyle changes.


Relationships are all about sacrifice, as we know. But when you find the right person, making those sacrifices is easy. Meghan is reportedly so into Harry that she's willing to change her life to make it work with him. We certainly can't blame her. If you fall in love with a prince (one with actual royal lineage like Harry or just an average guy who is amazing), that's what you do. Love is beautiful, isn't it? 

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According to People magazine, Meghan's pals said that she's "doing everything she can to make the relationship work" and that it seems Harry is doing his part as well because this whole falling in love with Harry thing has been "an absolute fairy tale." (We just felt a pang of jealousy -- did you?) The couple has been fitting in time together every chance they can, and racking up frequent flyer miles since Meghan is in Canada and Harry's in London. Besides that, Meghan is also reportedly toning down her Instagram. This means being a little more private than before. This may mean no more sexy photos on social media. 

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We will say, though, that Meghan's sexy photos are in no way scandalous. We are impressed with her gorgeous pics and she seems to be a very smart, stylish, elegant, gracious, and beautiful woman. We've said it before -- she really does remind us of Kate, a pre-royalty Kate. What's also been said by those close to her is that she's willing to completely change her life to be with Harry, if that's what she has to do. This seems to be a woman who believes in love, and in Harry. All of this makes us believe that these two have quite a lovely future ahead of them. And we couldn't be more envious ... we mean, happy!

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