Kate Middleton Gave Michelle Obama an Unexpected Beauty Tip

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That's what friends are for! Kate Middleton apparently gave Michelle Obama a great makeup tip, and we don't doubt it for a second, because both ladies seem to always look completely flawless.


Of course the secret to great makeup is great skin, and the First Lady's makeup artist recently revealed that Kate's anti-aging tip has made its way into Michelle's beauty routine.

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Obama's makeup artist, Carl Ray, recently spoke to Celebrity Style magazine about how she keeps her skin looking flawless, and it turns out that it's thanks to our favorite modern royal. 

Ray told the mag that FLOTUS uses Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel to combat wrinkles. "Michelle Obama has been using this organic Botox gel regularly on the recommendation of Kate Middleton," he said, and added that the product has an "unbelievable" effect on erasing wrinkles.

In case you were wondering about the science behind Biotulin, it's described as a topical gel, which is "formulated with spilanthol, a biological local anesthetic." It reduces muscle contractions in your face, particularly around your eyes and between your eyebrows.

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Essentially, it's topical Botox -- however, it's got to be a heck of a lot safer, considering it's not an injectable. Plus the $53 price point makes it a lot more accessible to the rest of us common folk. No reason we can't follow Kate's skin-care tips too!

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