16 On-Screen Couples We Always Wished Were a Thing IRL

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Every now and then, we'll see a couple on screen that has SUCH good chemistry, we can't help but wish they were a couple in real life. (Like Han Solo and Princess Leia, for example). And then eeeeevery now and then, that couple (or one-half of the duo) will speak up years after the movie or show is finished and admit that they really were a couple IRL -- or at least had something going on. (Like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, for example.) And then we get really excited, because of course.


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We can't help but be a little nosy. We love the gossip and the drama of a good celebrity fling. But the truth is that many of our OTP (or One True Pair, as the kids say) are just works of our overzealous fangirl minds. Though, who can blame us, wouldn't it be incredible if Ross and Rachel had dated IRL? And now that Carrie Fischer confirmed that she and Harrison Ford were doing the dirty on the set of Star Wars, it has gotten our twisted minds wondering who else had something to hide while shooting on location. 

And in honor of our favorite movie couple (Carrie and Harrison) turned one-time IRL fling, here are 16 other on-screen romances we wish were a thing in the real world. The chemistry is just so good, we can't help but dream!

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