Kate Middleton's True Feelings About Meghan Markle Are Kind of Surprising

kate middleton
James Whatling/Splash News

Who will get "best" and who will get "friends" when they buy their necklaces? According to a new report, Kate Middleton is a fan of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's new lady love. The duchess has yet to meet Markle, but she's heard all about her -- probably from Prince William, who recently met the Suits actress -- and Kate likes what she's heard. 


Sources say that the duchess is extremely happy for her brother-in-law and has even referred to Markle, who is known for her humanitarian work, as a "keeper." An insider told New Zealand–based mag Woman's Day, "Kate is thrilled that Harry has finally found a girlfriend who looks like being a keeper. She only wants the very best for her lovely brother-in-law -- and Meghan looks like she fits the bill." Awww. 

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Even though Markle hasn't met the duchess yet, Harry has already introduced her to several other members of his family, so clearly they're serious. And going off of everything that has been reported, everyone has got on with the actress swimmingly, so obviously she's making an impression. 

Perhaps the next time Markle hops across the pond to visit Harry at Kensington Palace, Kate will be available to meet her. And no doubt, the meeting will go off without a hitch, as Markle has already made a good impression on the duchess. 

Here's to slumber parties and late-night text-a-thons. You're a lucky girl, Meghan. 

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