New Pic of Kate Middleton Is Hauntingly Similar to Old Photo of Princess Diana

James Whatling/Splash News

Add this to the miles-long list of reasons we adore Duchess Catherine. Kate Middleton recently channeled Princess Diana yet again, this time during a Remembrance Day ceremony in London.


Kate graced the same balcony that Diana did many years ago, above Whitehall's Cenotaph, the main war memorial in central London. The royal ladies both wore all black with poppy accessories in order to honor Britain's fallen soldiers.

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One photograph in particular of Kate captured an iconic one of Princess Di's, where she appeared to be thoughtfully looking skyward. It almost looks like both princesses were doing their darnedest not to break into tears.

We have no doubt that Kate and Diana would've gotten along famously. They both embody class, humility, and style, and have a way of making a statement with just a subtle tilt of the head. It's impressive indeed.

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