Gwen Stefani's Sweet Shout-Out to Blake Shelton Is a Win for Hopeless Romantics

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It's been a little more a year since we first got a glimpse of Gwen Stefani and her now serious boyfriend, Blake Shelton. With each of them going through divorces at the same time, their relationship was initially written off as a fling by fans. But it turned out to be far more -- it turned out to be a win for hopeless romantics (myself included) and a win for Gwen. This was only further confirmed at Glamour's 2016 Women of the Year Awards


During her acceptance speech for "Woman of the Year," the singer attributed three things to getting through her rough days (obviously referring to her divorce from ex-husband Gavin Rossdale) -- God for the gift of music, her parents for her faith, and her boyfriend for "kissing her back to life." Stefani said:

I just want to say thank you to my parents for that gift of faith ... I want to say thank you to everyone who ever listened to my music. I am so honored and grateful .... To my children, to my family, to Blake Shelton for kissing me back to life, thank you so much. I am blown away, I'm blown away by this room of unbelievable courage. It's unbelievable to be here tonight. I am really, really grateful.

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For those who know the nasty details of her split with her longtime husband (who reportedly carried on an extramarital affair for years), you're painfully aware how difficult the circumstances would be for anyone to overcome -- especially in the spotlight.

Sometimes our hearts readily bounce back from betrayal, but sometimes they don't -- not 100 percent, anyway. Regardless, I'm not sure that everyone could do so in the manner that she has -- so gracefully, firm in faith, and generally open about the difficult period in her life with fans. In fact, she even mentioned during the speech that she "was in a pool of tears" and "so disappointed and ... so low" that she wasn't sure she'd be able to pick herself up. 

Typically we suggest that women take all of this time for themselves after ending tumultuous relationships, but truthfully there's no one way to heal the heart. Often the one thing that's overlooked and even abandoned upon ending a bad relationship is our faith -- whether it be in men as a whole or in a higher power that we may have looked to.

I think that if we all took a page out of Gwen's book and continued to stand firm in faith (or whatever it is that speaks to us in the face of trying times), it wouldn't matter how long it takes before we're ready to put ourselves back out there. It would be enough to just show up in the first place -- that we took that leap, even after it seemed like a far stretch.

After all, it's the putting yourself out there again that's the hardest after having your heart broken. But it seems that she was filled with enough faith to do so -- and much sooner than any of us had expected. Based on my experience with faith, I'm sure that's been one of the driving forces in her lasting and seemingly loving relationship with Blake.

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Who knows if she's as put together IRL as the persona we see, but for me, Gwen Stefani continues to prove that there's definitely room for better things in life -- even when it seems that everything has fallen apart in such a tragic way. New beginnings do exist. And divorce, or any ended relationship for that matter, is not the end.

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