Meghan Markle Had Eyes for Prince Harry Long Before They Started Dating

meghan markle
Derek Storm/Splash News 

It was in the stars. Back in 2015, before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry knew each other, the Suits actress played a round of rapid fire with Hello! magazine. In addition to the standard questions she was asked about who she'd love to work with and her favorite beauty tip, Markle was given a choice between Prince William and Prince Harry. And yep, she picked Harry. 


When asked the question, Markle acted as if neither Prince William nor Prince Harry were of interest to her. "I don't know," she shrugged while giggling. "Harry? Sure!" Clearly, that's before she ever came to face-to-face with him and his royal prowess. 

Little did she know that a few months later, he'd be sweeping her off her feet. (Or did she??)

More from CafeMom:

Some have said (Read: her half-sister) that Meghan has been gunning to be a princess for a while, but this video says something very different. It doesn't look like she was interested in either prince. (Though, let's be real here, guys: It's pretty adorable that she chose Harry.)

It's also been unearthed that before she met Harry, Meghan admitted to being "newly single" in June. "I'm recently single again, so I've got a few guys being a little ... persistent!" she confessed to the Daily Mail. "I'm just out of practice with the dating scene."

Evidently, not out of practice enough, Meghan. Not out of practice enough. 

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