Meghan Markle Is Staying at Harry's London Pad & Being All Domestic

Things are getting domestic! Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle was spotted in London on Thursday grabbing groceries for a potential romantic dinner with her man. Markle was photographed leaving Whole Foods with a few shopping bags, and then moments later, standing outside Nottingham Cottage, Harry's Kensington Palace home, with the same bags. Wonder what she's whipping up?


Even though Markle is visiting Harry, the prince appears to have a full schedule while she's there. On Thursday, he attended a ceremony at the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey to remember those lost in battle. Friday, he's set to visit the the National Memorial Arboretum for the Armistice Day service. And then on Saturday evening, he'll be attending the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, along with Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, and Prince William. When the heck will these two get to spend any time together?!

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Before Markle left for her trip, there was a ton of speculation that she would have the opportunity to meet Prince William and Kate Middleton while she's there (she's already met Prince Charles and Princess Eugenie). So far, no meeting has been reported, but it seems like Markle is going to have a lot of free time on her hands, what with Harry being so busy. Maybe Kate can hop on over to keep her company?

Harry has admitted to being in a relationship with Markle, but it's likely too soon to bring her to royal events, so it's doubtful we'll see her on the red carpet this go-round. But let's all hope that next time, we see her strutting her stuff next to the rest of the royals. 


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