Kardashian Family Gushes Over Rob's New Baby -- Who Can Blame Them?

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian
image:  Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

It seems like we've been expecting the latest member of the Kardashian clan for quite some time now. And yesterday, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian brought their baby girl into the world. Upon meeting Rob's baby, Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian couldn't contain their excitement.


Mama Kris, who got to watch the birth, told E! News, "It was so beautiful and I'm so excited and happy to have another grandchild! No. 6!" She also added: "It was one of the most precious moments of my life." 

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It makes total sense, given that her only son has become a father. Although his girlfriend already shares a son with her ex Tyga, this parenting role will be quite new for Rob. 

And of course, Rob's big sisters were happy too! Khloe showed just how ecstatic she was as she took to Twitter to express how "stunning" her newest niece in a long line of nieces is. 

While we've lost all hope that Kim will share her reaction on social media, the majority of the family took to their accounts to gush as well. No less, it truly seems that the family has put months and months of drama behind them to give the baby a warm welcome. Even Kourtney couldn't resist showing her love -- but that's what babies do, right? Bring everyone together. 

While Kendall has yet to make a statement, Kylie has -- and her weird little love triangle (actually, square) clearly doesn't stop the show either. But, we must point out that should she and boyfriend Tyga ever get married, her half-brother's baby will in turn become her stepdaughter. Just saying. 


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Honestly, we're pretty excited for the couple and their beautiful baby too.

Here's to hoping their bundle of joy will cut back on some of the drama we're always getting to witness on Rob & Chyna. Yeah, we're pretty ambitious. 

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