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17 of Kylie Jenner's Most Bootylicious Moments

kylie jenner

A few of her older sisters may be famous for their derrieres, but when it comes to being bootylicious, Kylie Jenner definitely holds her own. 

From subtle butt shots to downright shocking bathing suit pics, here are 17 of Kylie Jenner's most OMG booty moments. Kim? Khloe? You might want to step aside. 


Image via SPW/Splash News

#ForeverFierce @puma

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Okay, so fine, this is an advertisement and Kylie was obviously positioned this way. But who sits like this?!

Looking back at Turks

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Need we say more?


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11Booty Burgers

Another side shot, but there's no mistaking it: Kylie's got an impressive booty. 


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12As Body-Con as It Gets

Few things go better with a skintight dress than a shapely bottom. 

kids party

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14Looking Good in Leather

This is Kylie's post from a kid's party. Do with it what you will. 


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