Kylie Jenner Is Accused of Lying About Being the Singer in a Band

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File this one under: WTF? Apparently, the Twitterverse is convinced that Kylie Jenner is the singer of the band Terror Jr. Kylie used the band's song "3 Strikes" in a music video promoting lip glosses from her cosmetics line and now everyone thinks she's an undercover singer! Kylie is now vehemently denying the claims, but when you hear the whole story, something definitely sounds shady.  


Somehow, a fan with a lot of time on their hands was able to get their hands on the rights to the song, and discovered that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's name is included in Terror Jr's American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) registration for "3 Strikes." 

When the fan brought the discovery to light, social media blew up with claims that "Kylie is the singer of the band." In an attempt to set everyone straight, Kylie said in a Snapchat post, "Hey, guys. Public announcement: I'm not the singer of Terror Jr. or whatever. I love their music, but for those wondering, it's not me, guys. It's not me. So yeah, I don't know if the band is trying to get a little attention or what's going on, but it's not me." She then talked about how Kris Jenner was the one who brought it her attention in the first place, asking her daughter if she was part of a band. 

While it's certainly weird that her name was associated with the band on the registration, it doesn't really sound like she's lying. What would she have to gain by doing so anyway?

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Also, come on, people. If Kylie was embarking on a new musical project, do you think Kris Jenner would ever let her keep that a secret? Um, no. 


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