Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle Are So Similar They Even Wear the Same Clothes

kate middleton

Who's whose style icon? Since it was revealed that Suits actress Meghan Markle is dating Prince Harry, a flurry of Meghan Markle–Kate Middleton comparisons have rained down. But recently it was discovered that Middleton and Markle actually wore the same dress, so maybe the comparisons are warranted after all? 


Both women stepped out in Diane von Furstenberg's Zarita dress, but each put her own spin on it. Kate opted to wear the floor-length version of the dress in black, while Markle donned a shorter look in navy blue. The women styled their looks differently as well, with the duchess wearing drop earrings and her hair in a chic updo, and Markle wearing her tresses long and loose. Needless to say, both women looked incredible. 

kate middleton

meghan markle

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If you're wondering who wore it first, Middleton did. But it's doubtful that Markle was deliberately taking a page out of the duchess's style book, as she wore the dress in 2014 and Markle wore the dress a few weeks ago. Evidently, they're just kindred spirits when it comes to fashion. 

Now that Prince Harry has made his relationship with Markle public, there are bound to be a zillion comparisons and contrasts made about the women regularly. But one thing no one can deny is that when it comes to style, these two women crush it. 


Images via James Whatling/Splash News; D. Long/ZUMA Press/Splash News 

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