19 Celebrity Election Reactions That Reflect Anger, Fear & Hope

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This morning I woke up only to be submerged in a complex cocktail of emotions -- I was confused, sad, and disappointed in finding out that Hillary Clinton had lost to Donald Trump. The tears that I cried had nothing to do with my absolute fondness of Hillary ... and everything to do with fear for the future. There's not a victory speech kind enough to help me forget the terror that Donald Trump was throughout the entire 2016 election, so I now believe that the fear that I feel is appropriate in the wake of the unknown.  


Because while I thought there may be a chance I was a bit on the dramatic side, I also woke up to find a great deal of other people grieving just as hard as (if not more than) I was. Some of these people were among our favorite celebs -- and they delivered their reactions in words that some of us couldn't quite muster ourselves.

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Some were in-depth and some were to the point, but above all they were most of us at some point between 9 p.m. on November 8 and now. That's why we took the liberty of putting together the celebrity reactions to Trump's winning that mostly inspired us and spoke to us, along with a few that kind of dismayed us.

Many of these celebs inspired a little bit of hope at a time that seems more hopeless than anything. Their mighty words and courage to speak out may be part of the reason we will be bothered to keep on pushing throughout this nightmare:

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Others dished out hope, while maintaining faith in people as a whole and in Hillary. They showed a certain solidarity with her general message, especially as she conceded. They showed a solidarity in the face of the great adversity many of us believe we face:

"In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." Anne Frank

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Then there were the tweets that got real and just spoke to our core. They were what many of us felt after waking up to the news that this was not in fact the longest-running candid-camera reality TV episode: 

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Hell, these posts even painted a not-so-pretty picture of our new president: 


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Last but not least, there were the ones that simply tugged at our heartstrings with raw emotion: 

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And then there are those whose reactions seem unfathomable. While we cannot bring ourselves to agree with them or celebrate with them, here are two celebs who are feeling what millions of people who voted for Trump are probably feeling: 


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