James Middleton Has the Sweetest Things to Say About Kate & Pippa

With Kate and Pippa dominating the headlines, sometimes it's hard to remember that there is a third Middleton child. But that doesn't bother James Middleton at all, who recently said he was proud of his big sisters and doesn't begrudge them their fame.


In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, the youngest of Michael and Carole Middleton's progeny said he's been "Pippa and Catherine's little brother" since their school days. "I am James Middleton," he asserted. "I am very proud to be 'the little brother of...' but, equally, they are proud that I am who I am."

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We bet they are! James, 29, is an intrepid entrepreneur as the CEO of Boomf, a company that creates marshmallows with edible pictures on them. He also created a cake company after dropping out of college.

He also isn't afraid to rock his own style, complete with a bushy beard. "My mother looks at it and says, 'When are you going to get rid of it?' but then that's because she wants me to be her little boy," he confessed.

One area that Kate and Pippa won't be overshadowing James is in the relationship department. Kate may be married to the future King of England, and Pippa engaged to a billionaire financier, but James has his own other half too.

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He's been dating Donna Air for nearly four years, despite the naysayers who might think they're an odd match. She's seven years older than him, and has a 13-year-old daughter named Freya. He said of his long-time girlfriend, "I love Donna very much and Freya is very much part of Donna, and I love them both equally. It's not 'Donna' and 'Oh, she has a child.' That's not how I've ever seen it..."

As if we needed another reason to swoon over this guy. It's clear that he's a gem, and Kate and Pippa couldn't ask for a better brother than James. 


Image via Doug Meszler/Splash News

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