Josh & Anna Duggar Spotted Together in Public for the First Time in Months

A rare public appearance! Josh and Anna Duggar ventured out of hiding for Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's wedding this weekend, and according to sources, the reunited couple "seemed happy."


Despite recent rumors that Anna had finally decided to divorce her wayward husband and the father of her four children, the pair were spotted celebrating his sister's big day on Saturday. An insider told Us Weekly, "Josh and Anna seemed happy. He had his arm around her. They were talking and smiling."

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Not only did Josh and Anna make it to the wedding, but they also enjoyed a little date night out with Anna's sister Priscilla and brother-in-law David Waller. He posted a photo of the double date on social media, and added an encouraging caption.

Waller wrote, "Thank you, Josh & Anna, for a wonderful weekend together topped off with a fun #doubledate this evening! You'll are doing great!"

We really hope they are doing well, considering Anna's reluctance to leave Josh after all he put her through last year. She stood by her man when it was revealed in May 2015 that he had molested five underage girls as a young teen -- including four of his own sisters.

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Three months later, she was blindsided with the news that he had used the notorious infidelity website Ashley Madison to cheat on her. He spent seven months in rehab for sex addiction, and they've remained largely to themselves since he returned home this past spring.

While we personally wouldn't give him yet another chance, we feel for Anna and just want her to be happy in all of this. That's all that really matters.

Image via TLC

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