Prince Harry's Girlfriend Meghan Markle Will Meet Kate Middleton Any Day Now

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They're royally serious. Not too long after reportedly introducing his lady to Prince Charles, Prince Harry is ready to introduce Meghan Markle to Prince William and Kate Middleton. Who's ready for double dates???


Markle is still filming her show Suits, but once she wraps for the season -- which should be in the next few weeks -- a trip to the UK will be in the very near future for her. On the agenda when she's there? A meeting with the duke and duchess and going public with her relationship with Harry. A source told the Sun (UK), "She has not met Wills and Kate yet and Harry is keen for this to happen as soon as possible." The royal insider added, "There is a gap in November for them both to meet. Harry knows the fact that the relationship is out in the open will change things. But they're very serious about each other and now it's just a question of when they will go public together."

Markle reportedly already had a trip planned to see Harry, but she's since delayed the visit due to everyone finding out about their relationship. The pair apparently have been dating for about five months now, but just recently the public got wind of their relationship, which complicates things obviously. The last time she visited, she reportedly stayed on the royal family's Balmoral estate and met Harry's father. Not bad. 

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The duke and duchess have a lull in their schedule in the next month -- hence the speculation that they'll meet Harry's new love. If they do all get together, it likely will be puh-retty nerve-racking for the Suits actress. Just hanging out with two princes and the future queen -- no pressure there!

But finally! Double dates! Yay!


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