Brad Pitt Files for Joint Custody of His Kids & It Sends a Strong Message

Brad pitt custody battle It looks as if this celebrity divorce could get a bit more complicated. Brad Pitt seems to be preparing to fight Angelina Jolie for joint legal and physical custody of the couple's six kids. Though Jolie filed for divorce two months ago, granting Pitt limited, supervised visitation with his kids, the Fight Club actor is said to have responded on Friday with a court filing of his own, indicating that he's not ready to give up that easily. 


Naturally, the children's health and well-being comes first and we hope that any allegations against Pitt are unfounded -- for all involved. Although the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (which has yet to comment on the matter at all) is reportedly continuing to investigate claims that Pitt was verbally and physically abusive toward one of their children, it's important that he still prove to them that he wants to be a part of their lives. And we're glad he is.

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For years, we'd seen Pitt as the consummate father figure, having fun with the family in the snow or on the beach, shepherding the kids through airports, and beaming proudly with them on the red carpet. It would be hard to imagine the sense of loss they'd feel if he dropped out of their lives. 

Pitt is very close with his own mom and dad (pictured above), so it's clear he has a strong sense of family. 

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Plus, Jolie herself had extolled Pitt's virtues as a partner and parent for years, so it's hard to suddenly shift the perspective and view him as a monster now. Though abuse claims are something to take very seriously, no conclusive damning evidence has yet to emerge. 

Though Pitt's attempt to gain joint legal and physical custody could draw out the divorce proceedings, it's very rare that splits involving large assets and children wrap up neatly.

By staying the course and going along with the recommended visitation guidelines, this dad is proving that he wants to rebuild his relationship with his kids so they can trust him again. Whether he's at fault or not, he's showing the kids that he's there for them. While divorce is never simple, letting the kids know they are loved and supported is a great goal to have in the forefront of any parent's mind. 

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