16 Famous Men We Seriously Crushed On This Year -- & Want More of in 2017

Kiarra Sylvester | Nov 11, 2016 Celebrities

Man crush men, Jesse williams, Chris hemsworth, and leonardo dicaprio

The one thing Hollywood (and beyond) has to offer is a plethora of crush-worthy men. There are those who are fighting for social justice and others who are model dads -- but the one thing they all have in common is that they've stolen our hearts. Plus, it doesn't hurt that many of them have given us major eye candy to look at.

Some of our favorites have managed to fly just below the radar despite some big moments (both personal and career-wise) in 2016. And then there are a few on this list who have had major (and much-deserved) moments in the spotlight. Here's to the 16 guys we want -- no, need -- to see more of in 2017.  


Images via Brandon Voight; Jen Lowery/Splash News; PG/Splash News

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