Princess Charlotte's Huge Personality Captured in 40 Photos

Liz Alterman | Nov 15, 2019 Celebrities
Princess Charlotte's Huge Personality Captured in 40 Photos
Image: Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

princess charlotte
Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are sure to have their hands full as their little girl grows up. Kate Middleton and Prince William's adorable daughter, Princess Charlotte, already appears to have a huge personality. Her facial expressions alone make us want her to have her own reality show. Big brother Prince George has been a character since day one, and Prince Louis recently made this sweet princess a middle child. Maybe she's been destined for it since she first arrived? This feisty little miss is proving to be wonderfully expressive -- whether she's pleased or peeved, one will know in an instant. They say middle children are more mischievous -- and Charlotte is no exception. Although George is, of course, a wonderful and sweet little guy and baby Louis is just precious, Charlotte takes the cake as a total character.

This little royal has yet to learn the stoicism that is the trademark of her rest of her family, and instead prefers giggles and frustrated faces when she doesn't like something. And who can blame her! She's so tiny and cute, she could get away with just about anything. (Though Will and Kate may beg to differ!) We love seeing this little one cause a little bit of mayhem at family gatherings and photo ops. Check out these photos of the little princess as she lets her feelings be known -- and boy does she! As the saying goes: Toddlers be toddlers!

  • Pointing to the Crowd

    James Whatling/Splash News

    Although we don't know what Charlotte is thinking, it sure looks as if the tiny princess is channeling what her entire family probably wants to say when they're virtually forced to face eager and plentiful cameras wherever they go: "Fire up my private jet! I'm outta here!"

  • Waving From the Palace

    kate middleton and family on the buckingham palace balcony
    Image via Tony Clark / Splash News

    Princess Charlotte looks ready to upstage her look-alike great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, with an already perfect "Windsor wave." We kinda wish that she could grow up to rule her own fiefdom. She seems destined for greatness. 

  • Sweet Big Sister


    We love how sweet Charlotte is with her brand new baby brother! Prince Louis joined the family in April 2018, officially making Princess Charlotte a big sister and a middle child. It's a role that the sassiest royal looks ready to take on.

  • Not Her Favorites

    kate middleton and princess charlotte holding flowers
    Image via Splash News

    Oh, no! Look at that frown! What seems like a perfectly lovely bouquet of flowers to us is less than pleasing to the princess. We can't blame her. After all, we don't see the baby pink chrysanthemum that was named for her in the mix. Off with their heads!

  • Pop!

    princess charlotte with balloons
    Image Retropix / Splash News

    Taking her first steps in public, Charlotte found support from this balloon display, or at the very least, a safe landing spot. Something tells us that even if these balloons popped, the princess would take it in her stride. She's one cool kid. 

  • Stealing the Show

    Princess Charlotte, Prince William, Prince George entering lido wing hospital
    Image via Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

    When Prince William took George and Charlotte to meet their new baby brother just hours after he was born, we almost completely forgot about Louis when she turned around and offered this sweet wave to the crowds gathered outside the hospital. If she weren't royal, our bet is that she'd grow up to be a movie star.

  • Oy With the Cardigans, Already!

    princess charlotte holding a blue cardigan
    Image via Splash News

    While attending a children's party in Canada, Charlotte made it clear that she'd had enough of wearing this navy blue cardigan. We totally understand. The Cambridges dress their daughter in traditional children's clothes that seem straight out of a 1940s catalog, following royal tradition, and we're sure Charlotte would rather be in cute Target leggings and T-shirt at least sometimes.  

  • Those Aren't Chicken Fingers

    princess charlotte with her finger in her mouth
    Image via Ian Jones / Allpix / Splash News

    Not one to stand on ceremony, Princess Charlotte decided to have a nibble on her own finger while taking in the view. Hey, we can't be a perfectly poised royal all the time, especially as a toddler. Get it all in before there's pressure to be picture-perfect later on, Char! 

  • I Could Push These Blocks All Day!


    Princess Charlotte is up and walking and taking charge! This little chick has amazing drive and will. That will serve her well later, when big bro Prince George steps into his role as heir to the British throne and she must carve out a role for herself, which we have exactly zero doubt she will nail. Watch out, world, here she comes!

  • That's Not What I Asked For

    Image via Splash News

    "That's lovely, but I asked for a corgi puppy like great-grandma's, not yet another flower," Princess Charlotte might be thinking, which explains why the little royal won't make any eye contact with this poor balloon man. We're betting that Charlotte got a do-over. 

  • Watch Mom Try To Keep a Straight Face

    kate middleton, princess charlotte, and prince george on the buckingham palace balcony
    Image via Neil Warner / TGB / Splash News

    "With my fingers up my nose and Georgie wishing he were anywhere but here, it'll be awfully hard for Mum to keep that regal countenance!" Charlotte is having a laugh while Kate tries to keep it together. Something tells us that Charlotte inherited Princess Diana's (and Harry's) famous sense of humor and penchant for pranks.

  • What's All the Fuss About?

    Image via INF/Photo

    On the way to her own christening at the church of St. Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham Estate, it looks as if newborn Charlotte is thinking, "Just take me back to my splashy nursery. It's time for my midmorning nap!" Can we join in?

  • That Wave Again

    Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton
    Image via JANE BARLOW/AFP/Getty Images

    It may have been Meghan and Harry's big day, but as flower girl to their wedding, Princess Charlotte grabbed plenty of shine in her gleaming white dress and flower headband. This little girl sure knows how to command a crowd. 

  • Snow Fun

    princess charlotte and prince william in the snow
    Image via Splash News

    The rosy-cheeked princess looks as if she's thinking, "This is nice and all, Daddy, but I'm freezing! Take me in the lodge for a proper hot cocoa. Now!" Side note: It's impossible to look at this picture and not think of Princess Diana. It was she who made a pact with photographers allowing them a mini photo session at the beginning of annual ski trips with the boys, in return for being left in peace the rest of the vacation. 

  • A Little Pout Never Hurt Anyone

    Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte
    Image via Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images

    An older Princess Charlotte has understandably developed more complex emotions as she's grown up. It's no small thing to stand at a balcony and face tens of thousands of people who are looking at her family. During a Trooping the Colour ceremony -- during which fighter jets perform a flyover -- Kate Middleton had to take a moment to soothe her overwhelmed daughter. 

  • What's Happening Now?

    Princess Charlotte at the buckingham palace balcony
    Image via Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

    Princess Charlotte sure wants to know what is going on all around her, at all times. We can't help but mourn the fact that Diana is not here to be as doting a grandmother as she was a mom. She loved children -- remember she was a nursery school teacher when she got engaged to Prince Charles. 

  • This Bear Rocks!


    Look how happy the princess is with this bear! She's just like any other toddler with a love for stuffed animals, and we bet her playroom is a virtual zoo of big cuddly friends -- basically she's living our best childhood dreams. So sweet.

  • Take the Picture Already!

    princess charlotte
    Handout/Reuters/Splash News

    Sure, Charlotte looks cute as can be in this photo, one in a set taken by her mom, who, let's remember, graduated college with an art history degree and is an accomplished photographer. We love how she aimed to capture Charlotte's natural expressions and personality, and not some vision of perfection. Heart emoji!

  • Par-tay!

    princess charlotte
    Retropix/Splash News

    Clearly, this little princess, decked out in her finest, was having just as much fun as her mom at Aunt Pippa's wedding. Is it any wonder that Charlotte has such a vibrant personality, with a mom who takes every opportunity to be, as the British say, absolutely chuffed to bits? Nope.

  • Don't Mind if I Do!

    Image via Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

    Make no mistake about it: This little royal is happy to have a sweet treat. Time enough to hold back on the sugar and hit the treadmills with a vengeance, like mom and fittest royal, Kate Middleton. Eat, drink, and be merry, little one!

  • A Mover & a Shaker

    Princess Charlotte running on the grass
    Image via Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Charlotte is not going to let being a princess get in the way of her being a fun-loving kid! We're giving most of the credit for the Cambridge kids' laid-back childhood to Kate Middleton. Her middle-class family was super close when she was growing up, something she and the otherwise aristocratic Prince William had in common, thanks to Diana's nurturing style of parenting.    

  • Mama's Girl

    Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte
    Image via Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

    There's nothing better in the world as a kid than snuggles with mama. We love these two showing affection in public like this. To us regular moms, there's nothing remarkable about this picture, but google the much more restrained pictures of young Queen Elizabeth with her own kids and the difference is enormous. Here's to progress in royal parenting, from which Charlotte is definitely benefiting. 

  • Um, No

    princess charlotte at the buckingham palace balcony
    Neil Warner/Sirc/Splash News

    Kate: "Everyone smile and wave to the crowd now! Remember, these lovely people took the day off to come celebrate with us and take our pictures."

    Charlotte: "Yeah, that's gonna be a 'no' for me, Mom. Snacks, and solitude. That's what I need right now, please and thank you!"

  • 'Oh, This Thing Is Still Going On?'

    princess charlotte
    Radcliffe/ News

    Trooping the Colour? Bor-ing! Here's an idea, George: Let's escape and run down the Buckingham Palace corridors. First one to get to the Green Drawing room and touch the Richard the Third's nose wins the throne! 

  • A Little Recon Before Disembarking

    princess charlotte and prince george on a plane
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    Alongside her brother, Charlotte stares down the crowd waiting to greet her in Poland. At their tender ages, the siblings are already veterans when it comes to flying. Their parents try to keep the family together as much as possible. 

  • Walk? LOL

    princess charlotte
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    "If mom thinks Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge is walking, she's sorely mistaken!" Notice Kate's happy expression, though, which is doing nothing to contradict our totally made up Charlotte inner dialogue. Who would want to put down this cutie anyway?

  • Checking Things Out Again

    princess charlotte
    Retropix/Splash News

    Charlotte was sure to scope out the crowd in Germany before getting off the plane as well. Doesn't look as if she likes what she sees. But then again, maybe Prince George is stepping on her foot, or she's not looking forward to leaving the luxury of her private plane. Yes, her plane.

  • A Quick Sniff

    kate middleton, prince william, prince george, and princess charlotte deplaning
    Retropix/Splash News

    After Charlotte received a mini bouquet of flowers, she was sure to give it a smell to make sure it agreed with her. We're guessing it did, because she's not one to hold back, and there are no pictures of her giving the flowers he heave-ho.

  • Why, Yes, I Can Be Talked to Like an Adult

    princess charlotte, prince william, kate middleton meeting a man after deplaning
    DAVIDS/Splash News

    Do dignitaries intimidate little Charlotte? Yeah, no. That's because while they know that they must curtsy to the big people, including, ya know, the future king of Britain, if they really get in good with Little Lottie, they've got it made. 

  • Just Making Things Worse, Mom!

    princess charlotte having a tantrum while family looks on
    Retropix/Splash News

    When Charlotte's high emotions reach a tipping point, there's no stopping a tantrum. It's happened several times in public, and each time Kate wasn't having it. This time, Kate tried to handle the situation, things only got worse. 

  • Uh-Oh

    princess charlotte
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    Oh, no! And every one is so nicely color-coordinated, too! But when toddlers decide that a meltdown is in order, nothing, not even the finest etiquette lessons in the world will stop it. Just ask any mom. Poor Kate, we feel ya!

  • Luckily, a Present Made Things Better

    princess charlotte with a present
    Retropix/Splash News

    When Charlotte got a big present, wrapped in a red bow and everything, during her tantrum, poof! it magically disappeared. It just goes to show that toddlers are toddlers are toddlers, no matter to whom they're born or who is watching.

  • Louis, Louis, Louis!


    Charlotte definitely does not look impressed that baby Prince Louis is getting all the attention during his christening. Harrumph! But somehow, we know that she found a way to capture everyone's imagination once again. Trust that. 

  • Bless Ya!

    Princess Charlotte
    Image via Jane Barlow/WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Even her sneezes are adorable. This apparent allergy moment notwithstanding, Kate recently said that one of her favorite pictures of Charlotte is one in which the little one is smelling a bluebell: "Really for me it's moments like that mean so much to me as a parent. I try every day to put moments like that in, even if they're small or even if I don't have time."

  • She's Over It

    Princess Charlotte
    Image via Andrew Milligan/WPA/Getty Images

    Weddings can be long and boring for small kids, even if the bride and groom are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Hopefully this was just her attitude at the long day -- and not how she feels about her uncle and new aunt!

  • Happy Hols!


    Even in the family Christmas photo, Charlotte's cheeky side is obvious. We love that mom and dad have no problem with Charlotte being herself. No pompous or overly serious vibe here. Just a happy family that happens to be the future of the British monarchy, fun-loving middle sister included.

  • Another Epic Christmas Photo


    The Cambridges did not disappoint with 2018's Christmas card. In the most refreshing royal portrait probably ever, even tiny baby Louis has a heart-melting smile. George looks tall and confident, but the star of the show, for our money, is Charlotte, who looks like she transformed into a young lady overnight. 

  • Ready for School!


    Seriously, was anything cuter than Charlotte's first day of school pics? Of course she has a big grin on her face, none other than mom Kate Middleton took this picture and it's a total winner. It marks the day that Charlotte went out into the world as a preschooler. We're betting no one was ready for this force of a girl.

  • Serious Side-Eye

    Princess Charlotte, Prince George
    Image via Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

    We can't tell if she's throwing that look at her big brother or not, but it's pretty impressive. Some kids are sweet (ahem, brown eyed cutie Prince George), and others, like Princess Charlotte, seem to be born with a discerning eye. Royal fans know there's a precedent for that direct, penetrating gaze in the Windsor family: The no-nonsense, sharp-witted Princess Anne.  

  • Facepalm

    Princess Charlotte
    Image via STEVE PARSONS/AFP/Getty Images

    Tell us how ya really feel, Charlotte! Not one to hide her emotions, the feisty princess, who goes by Lottie, apparently earned a much more descriptive nickname at the Willcocks Nursery School, which she attended for pre-K: Warrior Princess. We're intrigued!

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