Ben Affleck's Son Had a Royal Playdate With Prince George & Princess Charlotte

Talk about cute! Ben Affleck recently revealed that his son had a playdate with Prince George, and he almost missed that the whole thing had happened entirely. The Justice League actor was in London filming earlier this year when the impromptu playdate took place, and it sounds like it was just meant to be.


In an interview with Graham Norton for BBC1, Affleck described taking his 4-year-old Samuel to an indoor play center in London earlier this year.

"I noticed this weird vibe from the other grown-ups," he shared. "They were all very well dressed and they had earpieces and I thought, For a kids' place this is tight security! I was the very last person to realize that Prince George and Princess Charlotte were in there playing with my kid."

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Unfortunately, he said that his youngest kiddo came down with the sniffles after playing with the tiny royals, but the dad of three even managed to turn that around into something humorous. "I can now tell [Sam] that he got a cold from the King of England!" he proclaimed.

Little Sam may have made his big sisters Violet, 10, and Seraphina, 7, totally jealous too. Jennifer Garner's ex admitted that while he wanted his brood to "see all the sights" while in London, they "didn't see one royal," despite visiting Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace.

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And apparently Britain is lacking the special treatment that Ben has become accustomed to in the states. When talking about going to see the changing of the guard, he confessed, "[In America] you'd get backstage and they would accommodate you. So I got a tour guide thinking this guy will accommodate me, but that wasn't the case!"

He explained that their guide took them to the middle of a street crowded with about 50,000 tourists, and they couldn't even see the fence from where they were. "We never saw the guards change!" he lamented. "It was a disaster!"

But hey, at least Sam had fun with George and Charlotte.


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