15 Pics of Meghan Markle That Remind Us So Much of Kate Middleton

Michele Zipp | Nov 3, 2016 Celebrities
15 Pics of Meghan Markle That Remind Us So Much of Kate Middleton

meghan markleAs we are learning more and more about Meghan Markle, the woman believed to be Prince Harry's girlfriend, something struck us. She reminds us of someone. Royalty. A Princess. Harry's sister-in-law! Meghan not only resembles Kate Middleton, but they share other commonalities as well. 

Both Kate and Meghan have that silky brown hair and an incredible sense of style. Many of the looks Meghan has been photographed in look like something right from Kate's closet. Her smile, her body type, her choice of earrings -- it's all similar to Kate. Perhaps that's what attracted Harry to Meghan. Both women certainly are beautiful and are making changes in this world by helping others. Very admirable. 

Take a look at these pics showing how Meghan could be Kate's twin.


Image via Splash News

  • All about that blue.

    meghan markle
    Image via Derek Storm/Splash News

    We know that blue is one of Kate's favorite colors, and here Meghan sports an incredible blue coat draped over her shoulders. We also have to note that bag -- something Kate would absolutely have as well.

  • Minimal makeup.

    meghan markle
    Image via gotpap/Bauergriffin.com/Splash News

    Kate tends to prefer minimal makeup and it seems Meghan mostly does as well. We love her fresh face ... and there is something about that pose that is very Kate ... pre-marriage.

  • Megawatt smile.

    meghan markle
    Image via INFPhoto.com

    It's all about that gorgeous smile that lights up a room. Meghan has it, just like Kate.

  • In white.

    meghan markle
    Image via Richard Buxo/Splash News

    White can be a daring color to wear all over, but that's a risk both Meghan and Kate aren't afraid to take.

  • Empathy.

    meghan markle
    Image via Mark Doyle/Splash News

    At an event, Meghan expresses concern and care when hearing stories of struggle. That empathy for others is something Kate possesses as well.

  • Body type.

    meghan markle
    Image via Splash News

    Kate's got great arms and shoulders ... Meghan sure does, too.

  • Printed.

    meghan markle
    Image via Rick Davis/Splash News

    Kate dabbles in fun prints -- we could see her in this dress, too. Especially because of the blue.

  • Sporty.

    meghan markle
    Image via Splash News

    Kate's been photographed playing sports for different charity events, and here, Meghan does the same. 

  • Button up.

    meghan markle
    Image via AdMedia/Splash News

    The classic white button-up looks just as incredible on Meghan as it does on Kate. Both women know style.

  • That look.

    meghan markle
    Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

    With the hair tucked behind the ear, that kind look on her face, and that sweet embellishment on the top of this dress, Meghan looks like she is sisters with Kate.

  • It's in the accessories.

    meghan markle
    Image via Olga Bas /London Entertainment/Splash News

    Kate has been known for wearing incredible statement earrings, and this pic of Meghan is very Middleton-esque ... even the hair.

  • Classy.

    meghan markle
    Image via Rob Latour for LE/Splash News

    In a gorgeous blue blouse, Meghan looks like she raided Kate's closet.

  • Dress perfection.

    meghan markle
    Image via Richie Buxo/Splash News

    Kate or Meghan? Kate has a dress just like this one!

  • About face.

    meghan markle
    Image via Nate Beckett/Splash News

    In Meghan's face we see a bit of Kate and a bit of Pippa, especially in this pic.

  • A little sparkle.

    meghan markle
    Image via Splash News

    Meghan isn't one to go too over the top with style, but she is still always on point with fashion. Kate would wear sparkle in a subtle way, like this dress -- long sleeve and fitted but not second skin.

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