15 Pics of Meghan Markle That Remind Us So Much of Kate Middleton

Michele Zipp | Nov 3, 2016 Celebrities

meghan markleAs we are learning more and more about Meghan Markle, the woman believed to be Prince Harry's girlfriend, something struck us. She reminds us of someone. Royalty. A Princess. Harry's sister-in-law! Meghan not only resembles Kate Middleton, but they share other commonalities as well. 

Both Kate and Meghan have that silky brown hair and an incredible sense of style. Many of the looks Meghan has been photographed in look like something right from Kate's closet. Her smile, her body type, her choice of earrings -- it's all similar to Kate. Perhaps that's what attracted Harry to Meghan. Both women certainly are beautiful and are making changes in this world by helping others. Very admirable. 

Take a look at these pics showing how Meghan could be Kate's twin.


Image via Splash News

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