Prince Harry's New Lady Love Is Already Being Dragged Through the Mud

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly only been dating two months, but their fairy-tale romance already has hit a bump in the road -- or perhaps it's gotten more fairy-tale-like, what with a nefarious half-sister trying to thwart the couple's plans. Markle's half-sister has come forward in a shocking new interview, calling the Suits actress "shallow, narcissistic, and bent on social climbing." 


Samantha Grant, Markle's 51-year-old sister who lives in Florida and is suffering from multiple sclerosis, gave three different interviews in the last week, bashing her younger sister who she claims she raised herself. After talking to UK's Mirror about Markle, Grant told the Sun that her half-sister has always wanted to be a princess and has a soft spot for redheads. Grant then spoke to Radar Online and unleashed on her sibling. 

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"The royal family would be appalled by what she's done to her own family," Grant told Radar. "The truth would kill her relationship with Prince Harry." Grant didn't get specific, but she continued to bash her sister, saying, "He wouldn't want to date her anymore because it puts her in a bad public light. I certainly don't think Harry or his family would want to associate with her afterwards."

It's certainly no surprise that people are coming out of the woodwork, attempting to out any skeletons humanitarian Markle may have in her closet. But giving three interviews in a week -- interviews that state nothing other than "she's narcissistic" -- is shady, and likely will be dismissed by everyone. 

That said, regardless of whether or not people believe Grant, Prince Harry's relationship with Markle is sure to draw some criticism from the royal family. After all, Markle is an actress, she's a few years older than Harry, and she has already been married before. Slightly different from Kate Middleton. 

The heart wants what it wants, though, and if Harry and Meghan are the real deal, there's no stopping them. Eventually, the royal family will come around and she'll be yucking it up with the queen's corgis at Balmoral on Christmas. It just might take some time. 


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