One of the Duggars Dressed Up as a Prostitute for Halloween

Did she just give Jim Bob Duggar a heart attack? One of the Duggars dressed up as a hooker for Halloween, and we're betting that it was not patriarch-approved.


But could we really expect any less from Amy (Duggar) King, the self-proclaimed "Rebel Duggar"? Jim Bob and Michelle's niece spent the Halloween holiday in Vegas dressed as Vivian Ward, the prostitute with a heart of gold famously portrayed by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

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Amy hit the town with her hubby of just over a year, Dillon King, and made us do a double-take with her iconic costume!

Even though Amy said in her caption that they hardly had a wild and crazy night in Las Vegas, this outfit and the celebration of Halloween in general are definitely not Duggar-approved!

Fans of the former 19 Kids and Counting star pointed out in the comments, "Jim Bob gonna love this!" and, "Hahaha awesome!! Jim Bob will have a cow!!!!"

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Of course the Duggars encourage their daughters to wear skirts, but they believe that ladies should be covered from the knees to the neck, as sights of thighs or collarbones might send the menfolk into a tizzy from which they'd never recover.

God bless Amy for not being afraid to be her. She looks awesome.


Image via amyrachelleking/Instagram

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