Justin Theroux's Post Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With Brad Pitt -- Chill

Justin Thoreux

While Jennifer Aniston has stayed mum on the subject of Brangelina, her hubby spoke his piece by calling the couple's split "terrible news." And now, due to an ironic Instagram post, fans seems to think Justin Theroux is sending a cryptic message to Brad Pitt. As absurd as it sounds, you cannot make this stuff up. But Theroux wants to make it clear that that was definitely, certainly, 100 percent not his intent.


The photo that Theroux posted on social media depicts a woman gagging herself with her middle finger, with a whole lot of f-bombs behind her -- including phrases like F*ck Politics, F*ck Haters, and F*ck Cocaine. He clearly used the hashtag #CurrentElectionMood to describe his reason for posting the image ... but still, fans seemed to get stuck on the phrase that read F*ck Brad Pitt, thinking he was throwing shade at his wife's ex-husband.

In response, Theroux edited his caption on the photo to add two more hashtags, including one that can be read as: "And NO this post is NOT 'shading' anyone because I'm not eleven years old. I mean, seriously." 

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The only thing more obvious than the fact that fans are seriously reaching is his improper use of the hashtag. But, I digress. 

Here's proof of how absurd people are actually being:

1. It's like he said -- he's not 11, and neither are most of the trolls who had enough time to spot Brad's name. Seriously, I legitimately played a game of Where's Waldo to find this detail that I would've otherwise overlooked.

2. What the hell would he have to gain? He got the girl due to Brad's screwup in his relationship with Jen. And now Brad is single again. That's a win, my friends. When you win, there's no need to throw that type of shade.

3) He discussed how sad the Brangelina divorce was, remember?

4) And, oh yeah, he's not f*cking 11!! 

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Honestly, I'm not sure what kind of time people have on their hands to come up with these theories and troll celebs all day, but let the man live his life. Let him enjoy some of the lovely street art of Berlin. Allow him to share his life with you in peace or don't. But people have got to chill with this relentless need to find something scandalous. Not OK. 

Sure, by being public figures, celebs kinda signed up for the criticism, but that doesn't mean that we can't be considerate enough to just let them be sometimes ... and to just not make everything bigger than what it is. Because as much as it bugs me, I can't imagine how insane people like Justin Theroux go when nonsense like this even needs to be explained.

So my advice to overzealous fans with a little too much time? Just chill the f*ck out.


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