18 Reminders of Just How Incredible Kate Middleton's Figure Is

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Kate Middleton
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Though she's a busy mom of three, Kate Middleton somehow still manages to make time to keep her figure in tip-top shape. She's fit, and svelte, and her body seems to get better and better with time -- something that isn't easy to achieve. Maybe Kate cheats the rules of age, but we think it's more likely that she just follows a strict diet and exercise plan. Any chance we can get in on this regime too, Kate?


Honestly, we don't know whether to love her for it or be insanely jealous of her perfect physique. But one thing's for sure -- we can't stop staring at her in amazement. To put it bluntly, Kate's bod is royally hot. And we're sure that we don't have to tell Prince William just how lucky he is to have a wife as beautiful as she is. 

As any mom knows, dealing with a post-pregnancy body can sometimes feel like a pointless and losing battle. But not Kate. She is living proof that you can get your rocking body back even after having a baby -- not to mention three!

Well, at the end of the day, there's nothing we love more than admiring (and envying) our beloved Kate Middleton, so we compiled a list of all the times the duchess decided to show off her amazing body. Go ahead and check out these photos and try not to be green with envy.

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