Kim Kardashian Returns to Social Media After Horrific Robbery in Paris

She's back! Social media queen Kim Kardashian has returned to the Internet after nearly a month of silence. The mom of two has been keeping mostly to herself ever since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in early October.


Her return was short-lived, however, as the three posts she put on Facebook on Monday night have since been deleted.

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The first was a photo of herself playing with her phone while sitting in a chair, with the caption, "Downtime #LumeeCollab," in reference to her cellphone case. As People magazine pointed out, the photo was not a recent one, as her 2011 BlackBerry Bold was in her lap, and she previously posted about its loss this past August.

The second post was a link to her blog, featuring a re-post of her sister Kourtney Kardashian's Halloween throwback. She added, "Love these old videos!" but apparently she didn't love them enough to keep them up, since that post was also deleted.

Thirdly, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star added a link from her personal assistant, Stephanie Sheppard, about last-minute Halloween costumes.

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We don't blame Kim a bit for being a little apprehensive about sharing her life on social media after her horrific incident in Paris last month. She's reportedly been blaming herself in part for the robbery, since she has been sharing her extravagant lifestyle with her followers for years.

We hope that she knows that it's not her fault -- no one deserves to be violated like that, no matter what.


Image via Splash News

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