One of the Duggar Kids Just Might Have a Future in Politics

Duggar family photo

Politics and religion don't often go hand in hand, but this Duggar might just be the one to pull it off. Rumor has it that Joy-Anna Duggar wants to become a politician when she gets older, and that could be the kind of shake-up we need in office.



The Duggar family fan blog featured a post wishing the 19-year-old girl a happy birthday. Singing praises for Joy-Anna, the post revealed Joy-Anna's future plans that include mission work and a possible stab at politics.

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Now that she has graduated from high school, Joy-Joy (as her family calls her) spends her days taking online Bible classes and helping out at home. Her future goals are to be involved in missions and politics, as well as to be a wife and mother.

This is actually pretty awesome.

Anyone who is willing to throw his or her hat into politics in effort to help make this country awesome -- and deal with the madness and criticism that comes with the territory -- gets a thumbs-up.

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Joy-Anna has a pretty popular last name that will likely make her a target for public scrutiny and unkind words. We commend her for wanting to live a life of service, both as a future missionary and politician. This definitely speaks to Joy-Anna's selflessness and kind heart.

Keep leading with your heart!


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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