Blac Chyna & Her Son Dress Up as Rob Kardashian -- Someone's Not Happy About It

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Like mother, like son. For Halloween this year Blac Chyna and her son King Cairo both went as Rob Kardashian. Weird? Some would say. And others, like Tyga, would say it's "demeaning."


According to reports, Rob's 4-year-old son initially was supposed to go as a Ferrari, which, as everyone knows, is something his rapper dad loves. But supposedly, at the last minute, he changed his mind and decided that he wanted to go as his future stepdad instead. Adorable King donned an oversized black T-shirt, socks and sandals, and an LA Dodgers baseball cap. 

As cute as King looks, Tyga wasn't amused. "Having King dress like Rob for Halloween is the biggest slap in the face to Tyga," an insider told Hollywood Life. "Tyga thinks Chyna's trying to make King forget that he's his father and slowly trying to replace him with Rob as the father figure. It's so demeaning and below the belt, and Tyga's in shock. He's hating Chyna right now."

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While Chyna may not be trying to replace Tyga, Tyga certainly has an argument for King's costume being a little weird. Not sure how many parents would love their child being their not-quite-yet-stepparent for Halloween. 

Then, making the whole thing slightly stranger is the fact that Chyna also dressed as Rob for Halloween. She posted a video of herself dressed as her fiancé with a pal who was dressed as her. The whole thing is super meta. 

I wish the paparazzi would just leave our family alone!

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Evidently, the reason Chyna dressed as Rob for Halloween was because her son suggested it to his mom. Also, when asked why he wanted to be Rob for Halloween, King sweetly replied, "Because I like him." OK, that's pretty adorable. 

Their costumes may not have been the most conventional -- and they may have pissed a few people off -- but how could anyone say no to a little boy as cute as King? His preciousness is just too powerful, people. 


Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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