Kim Kardashian's Very First Instagram Photos Are a Far Cry From Perfect

Meredith Gordon | Oct 31, 2016 Celebrities
Kim Kardashian's Very First Instagram Photos Are a Far Cry From Perfect
Image: Jackson Lee/Splash News

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Jackson Lee/Splash News

Kim Kardashian is currently taking a self-imposed social media hiatus after her horrifying ordeal in Paris. Of course, she deserves and needs this time off to heal, but this social media break definitely has the potential to send her avid fans and followers into a tailspin. While we try to cope without Kim K in our daily lives, we've started digging around in her Instagram archives. Way back to the very beginning! 

It's been a while now that we've all had Kim K and her gorgeous selfies in our life and feeds almost every single day. She has been the queen of all things social media for so long now, it's easy to forget that even she came from humble beginnings, as far as posting those perfect, eye-catching photos goes.

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We decided to take a walk down memory lane. In fact, we went back and found Kim Kardashian's very first 15 Instagram posts, and what an evolution. She used to be a bit "bad" at this stuff too. With silly photos and poses, Kim wasn't always the queen of Instagram and Snapchat that she is now. We certainly love her #TBT posts -- they never get old -- but her early attempt at memes looks pretty outdated now.

Have a look at what we found -- and prepare to be taken aback!


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