Old Photo of Prince Philip Looks So Much Like Prince Harry It's Eerie

prince harry

Handsome Prince Harry's red hair may have been a bit of a mystery for some -- who does he resemble? We've thought he was a perfect mix of mom and dad, but now a photo of Prince Philip from 1957 shows how much Harry looks like his grandfather.


Behold the Duke of Edinburgh -- ginger beard and all.

We've been wild about Harry for some time now. Time to be in love with throwback Philip!

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This incredible photo on the cover of Paris Match magazine was taken when Prince Philip was around 36 years old, during his sailor days. What a handsome guy! He really looks so much like Harry. So much so that it's a bit eerie. How did we never see the resemblance before? It's in that smile, that beard, that slightly devious yet oh so sweet look in his eye. Prince Harry and Prince Philip both have it. 

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prince philip

Which makes us want to take a good look at Prince Philip now ... in order to see the future. This is most likely what Harry will look like when he's older. Just as we suspected ... still handsome.


Images via Jeff Moore/Splash News; James Whatling/Splash News

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