Kim Kardashian Takes the First Step to Getting Back to Her Old Self Again

Kim Kardashian at Kanye West concertSince the Paris robbery went down, our favorite socialite has been completely MIA. So needless to say we were happy to see Kim Kardashian at Kanye West's concert -- making her first real appearance since the traumatizing incident. 


Yes, she's finally made a move other than a spontaneous trip for ice cream, and we're seriously happy see she's starting to feel more up to leaving the house than she's been as of late. According to Entertainment Tonight, she was spotted at the Forum in Los Angeles backstage for Kanye's performance. 

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But she wasn't alone. Between the heavy security that was reportedly in the building and her entourage of peeps -- Kris Jenner and sisters Kendall and Khloe -- she was fully covered. 

We can only hope that this means she'll fully resurface soon -- even if it's just for a few posts on social media. All we want is a sign that she's coming back to her seat at the table.

Of course, her well-being is above all of that. So we do also hope that she's receiving any help she may need to get through this trying time and just to mentally get back to a place where she can truly begin to feel safe. As this entire incident has seemed to have a major impact on her -- which is 100 percent understandable -- we're just not sure we actually anticipated her taking things this hard. Which sounds strange -- yes, we know -- but it's just a new glimpse of Kim to see her dealing with something so difficult and discussing it at all.

Just know we'll be waiting on you right where you left us, K. 


Images via Pepito/Splash News

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