Kim Kardashian's Robbers Wanted a Lot More Than Her Ring

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The developments keep coming. Despite the fact that the thieves who robbed Kim Kardashian made off with her $4 million engagement ring and then some, a new report claims that's not what they were after. Apparently the men who assaulted Kim wanted her cash


Abdulrahman, the concierge who was held at gunpoint with Kim (he won't use his last name due to security concerns), told Entertainment Tonight that Kim was confused as to what the thieves wanted due to a language barrier. Initially, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star thought they wanted her phones. "[The robber] said, 'I don't need phones,' in French [but Kim didn't understand him] and the guy was asking for money, money, money," the concierge said. After he refused the phone, Kim -- who was "screaming like hell" -- offered her ring. "She showed her hand … there is no ring, and the guy is like, 'Where is the ring?'" Abdulrahman continued. "At the moment she gave him her ring -- it was on the table close to the floor -- she gave the ring to the guy ... and he put it in his pocket."

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After he took the ring, the men continued to ask for jewelry, so Kim, who apparently didn't have much cash on her, handed them a jewelry box. After that, "he put the jewels in his backpack and he left the bag open," Abdulrahman said, later adding some jewelry and gold as he left. 

No matter what the assailants were after, what Kim went through sounds terrifying. Thanks goodness she's OK. It's a shame she no longer has her engagement ring from Kanye, but more importantly, she has her safety. 


Image via Pepito/Splash News

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