New Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumor Sounds All Too Familiar

kate middleton

It's déjà vu all over again. According to a new report, Kate Middleton is pregnant with a baby girl. And like the countless other reports we've heard about Kate's alleged pregnancies, she plans on calling her daughter Diana. Very sweet, but ... really?


A source in Star magazine (insert eye-roll emoji) claims that Kate is currently expecting and she wants to pay homage to William's late mother. "Kate knows how much Diana meant to William, and indeed, the citizens of England," an insider told the mag. "It will be the perfect way to show their affection for such a beloved icon." Uh, really?

The rumor of Kate's being pregnant isn't all that hard to believe, as numerous reports have claimed that Kate and William want at least one more child, but the Diana thing? Not so much. Not only is Princess Charlotte's middle name Diana, but if the duke and duchess wanted a daughter named Diana, wouldn't they have just made that Charlotte's first name? 

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The mag went on to say that Kate and William have been trying for another little one for some time now, and "all the signs are there that she's pregnant." The source said, "Now palace insiders are buzzing about the baby's gender, and everyone's convinced it's a little girl, because even though her bump is still small, Kate appears to be carrying high, a sure sign."

Most betting people would put their money on William and Kate's having another baby in the not so distant future, but these rumors don't seem to have too much merit. This appears to be more a case of "there haven't been any Kate pregnancy rumors recently, so let's get one going."  

If and when Kate have another baby girl, it's doubtful that they'll name her Diana as they already had the chance to do so. But for what it's worth, it would be sweet. 


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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