Kim Kardashian's Infamous Sex Tape Is Getting the Virtual Reality Treatment

Kim Kardashian sex tape becoming a virtual realityJust when you thought things couldn't get any more real, socialite Kim Kardashian's sex tape is set to become a virtual reality thing. Yep! Vivid Entertainment -- the company that initially purchased the sex tape -- is giving users a virtual sex experience with Kim and her lookalike. 


The experience will allow you to see clips from the original sex tape, but it will also have her doppelgänger (ahem) pleasuring herself.

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However, no one is 100 percent sure whether or not Kim is actually on board with the whole ordeal, since she did settle out of court with the company after filing a lawsuit against it back in 2007. 

There is quite a bit to consider when asking WWKKD (What would Kim Kardashian Do?), because since the release of the video, so much has changed. 

After 10 years, she's waaay more comfortable with the attention that comes with nudity at this point -- so she may actually be OK with it. But she also has children, so having this newly released version of her sex tape with old boyfriend Ray J may not be something that she wants resurfaced after all this time. 

Seriously and weirdly, I don't know that Kanye would care all that much since he did feature a Ray J lookalike in his famous "Famous" video. He's clearly at peace with his wife's skeletons. And I'm absolutely positive that momager Kris would be down for the cause -- because, well, she's Kris. 

Of all the things that would typically be a reason to object to something like this, I can't imagine that any of them will prove to be a big deal to the family. They've been all about embracing their nudity in recent years, ya know? 

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No less, I guess we'll just have to wait and find out how Kimmy reacts, if and when she gets wind of the ultra creepy experience that's being made available. 

But, until then I can't help but wonder what will come to VR next.

Images via Rick Davis/Splash News

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