Princess Charlotte Is Proving to Be a Huge Asset to the Royal Family

princess charlotte

She's a royal cash cow. According to a new report, royal memorabilia sales have soared since the birth of Princess Charlotte. The Royal Collection Trust, the official seller of royal memorabilia, reported that the chinaware commemorating the birth of Princess Charlotte completely sold out. The collection went on sale on May 3, 2015 -- a day after Charlotte's birth -- and clearly was a hit with fans of the royal family. 


Items in the collection included a tankard drinking cup ($48), a plate ($55), a pill box ($35), and a coffee mug ($25). The items are sweetly decorated with a lion and a unicorn and are gilded with 22-carat gold. They also read, "Celebrating our new royal."

royal cup

The Royal Collection Trust revealed that online sales have doubled in the past year, reaching $1.2 million for the first time ever. The Trust also noted that Princess Charlotte was a "significant" factor for the boost in sales.

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Like her mother, the littlest royal is a trend-setter. A report in the Daily Mail claims that Princess Charlotte doesn't just sell out plates and pill boxes, but clothing, as well. "When Kate buys dresses for her daughter, other people will follow suit -- just as they copy what Kate wears," Patricia Davidson, author and fashion consultant, told the site. 

It's somewhat surprising that Charlotte has sold more memorabilia than her brother, who was the first new royal in a long time, but perhaps he's the one responsible for getting everyone so excited for his sister's birth. 

It's likely that in the next year or so, William and Kate will announce another pregnancy, and maybe the sweet little boy or girl will boost sales even more. Although $1.2 million will be pretty hard to top. 


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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