Ben Seewald Accused of Racism Against White People

Well OK then! Ben Seewald has been accused of racism -- but it might not be for the reason you'd expect. The Counting On star was slammed by fans on Instagram recently, because according to them, the conservative Christian hates white people.


Which seems weird, since (no offense) the Duggar clan seems to be about as white as white can get. But if you've followed Ben on social media, or have watched the show, you know that Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's hubby has an incredibly big heart for his non-white brothers and sisters.

He's even taken heat in the past for supporting Colin Kaepernick, and advocating for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. He's partnered with professional football stars to bring the game along with Christ's message to children who desperately needed both. Heck, he even tried his hand at rapping with (black) Christian hip-hop artist Flame. He sucked, but the point was that he was making a connection and getting involved with something he's passionate about -- reaching people of all ethnic backgrounds to spread the gospel.

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Which is what we thought the goal was. But after Ben shared his latest concerns that his black brothers and sisters are getting the short end of the stick from his white community of believers, he got raked over the coals for being a racist. The soon-to-be dad of two shared this message on Instagram, which turned out to be quite controversial:

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Let's see ... don't judge quickly, and have empathy. Seek unity instead of pointing fingers. Walk a mile in each other's shoes. Show love. Don't be preoccupied.

No matter what you're talking about, this seems like good advice for anyone to follow! But not everyone saw it that way. Ben was called out by several fans who said that he must be ashamed of being white.

One person wrote, "I weep for your apparent internalized self hatred and for your white children you are raising to hate themselves and their fellow white people based not on facts but on pure racism." Another added that he was uneducated and ignorant in his views and opinion. Several just commented, "PoliceLivesMatter."

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Not everyone was quick to jump on Ben for being racist against white people. Several thanked him for sharing his outrage over how people are treating each other these days based on skin tone. One woman wrote, "Thanks Ben ... I'm a 47 year old black mom of 2. You're one of the main reasons I watch. Your authenticity is refreshing."

It sounds like Ben is trying to put a flashlight on an important area of Christian culture. Jesus says over and over that we're not supposed to be divided but united in our faith. It's ridiculous that Ben's getting criticized for sharing this message.


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